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What makes Elmhurst United a Special Place to Work?

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  • Each core-subject teacher has a course-alike planning partner with whom to plan units and daily lessons. Planning partners meet weekly during the school day using a common prep period.
  • Grade level teams meet weekly to align common practices, procedures, and student supports. To facilitate this teamwork, students are cohorted into "colleges" that have a common team of teachers.
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Teaching is hard work! We believe that everyone deserves a coach to continue growing their practice

  • Every EU teacher has an instructional coach to support their practice
  • Teachers set annual goals for how they'd like to grow
  • Coaches offer informal observation feedback and ongoing thought partnership
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We are #bettertogther.

In addition to our classroom teachers, our team includes the following amazing support staff.

  • One assistant principal and two full-time Restorative Justice Facilitators at each grade level
  • Two academic counselors
  • Site librarian
  • On-campus counseling and medical services
  • Three full-time instructional coaches
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Commitment to Social Justice

  • "Mindset Monday": We repurpose traditional monthly staff meetings to be a space for ongoing inquiry into race, relationships and disparate educational outcomes for students of color
  • Cultural Sustaining Pedagogy is one of our three big instructional foci. Click here for our definition of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy
  • We use a restorative discipline model to create strong community and address harm when it occurs.
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